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The Greatest Show Unearthed. 


If you’re interested in joining an RPG as Maria Brink for a Maria x Ivan Moody ship or joining as Ivan for a Ivan x Jeremy Spencer ship, hit me up!

I totally would but I only RP on jcink.com sites, not tumblr. :(


Is frank iero’s last name pronounced ee-arrow or yarrow or ?? I’ve always pronounced it like 2 syllables

eye-ear-oh :)

Question to anyone who has seen ITM live.


So I’ve gotten mixed reviews about their live performances, reading elsewhere that they suck because they concentrate mainly on theatrics and not the music itself. I’ve never seen them live, but to anyone who has, can you describe their performance? doesn’t have to be a long description, just what you guys thought of their performance. I’d be highly disappointed if their performance actually does suck live because I really like the band.

They do not suck live at all! I got to see them a week ago in Nashville.  I think Maria was having mic problems cause she wasn’t loud enough but her screaming is on point at all times.  She stands in one area the whole time and walks off after every song to put on some kind of hat/costume.  She keeps you entertained the whole time even though she’s standing in one spot.  I also got to meet her and she is truly a doll. SO insanely nice! I seriously can’t get over how nice she was.  You should see them live for sure! Have fun! :)